Reducing, elasticizing, anti-aging, localized and widespread adiposity



ISHI LAB is the first complete treatment aimed at localized and widespread slimming that helps to counteract tissue atony and relaxation, among the most common imperfections related to slimming and skin aging.

We can define it as a real anti-aging path for the body!

Lifestyle, drastic weight changes, complicit in dehydration and skin senescence, are among the main causes of loss of tone and elasticity.

Many people tend to accumulate fat in the midsection of the body, others in the hips and thighs.

What causes fat to be located in one part of the body rather than another has to do with genetics, sex, age and the hormones that influence the amount of fat and its excessive accumulation.


The solution

For the different types of fat and the imperfections connected to it, ISHI responds with two specific lines that work on different levels: LAB 24+ and LAB TB +.

LOCALIZED FAT LAB24 + is the valid ally for the reduction of localized fat, skin fat, disharmonies of the body line and remodeling:

  • It works naturally and safely
  • It stimulates tissue metabolism, activating lipolysis and detoxification
  • Returns harmony to the line

DIFFUSED ADIPE LAB TB + is the most advanced and targeted solution for the treatment of diffused fat, considered an excellent elasticizer with anti-aging function for the body:

  • It works by counteracting the slowing down of tissue energy metabolism and the loss of elasticity
  • Contrasts the accumulation of widespread adiposity, cellulite and water retention
  • Effective against stress, senescence and psychophysical fatigue

The combined action of the active ingredients selected for LAB TB + guarantees efficacy and results thanks to an innovative thermo-cryo lipomodeling process: the principle is based on thermo-cryo lipotherapy, a method that exploits the benefits of the thermal effect to induce apoptosis of the fat cells, especially sensitive to thermal changes.


LAB 24 Slimming Phyto Synergy

LAB 24 Phyto Slimming Synergy consists of a highly selected group of active ingredients, called structural, which act specifically on fat and its metabolism, and by a larger number of compounds, called complementary, which complete its activity at the tissue.
Among the many complementary active ingredients, which act at the tissue level, we remember panthenol, bisabolol and capsaicin, which mediate inflammatory processes related to excess adiposity, or essential oils such as cypress, lemon and cedar wood for excellent draining properties or, again, caffeine, carnitine, nicotinates and numerous algae such as fucus, laminaria and lithotamnium, due to their proven activity on fat metabolism.


Epiphenol Molecular Complex

Among the key ingredients to underline we find the Epiphenol Molecular Complex , the so-called Epiphenols , or a synergy of natural active ingredients of plant origin that works at different levels on the skin cell structures, both in terms of protection and stimulation , with mechanisms of epigenetic type.


by LAB

Key Ingredients:

The key ingredient of I SHI LAB24 + is Epiphenol Molecular Complex ™, the so-called Epiphenols. The combined action of Epiphenols with LAB24 Slimming Phyto Sinergy , through a sophisticated synergy of natural bioactive compounds with lipolytic properties , both stimulating and inhibiting adipogenesis, allows to obtain extraordinary results.

The key ingredients of LAB TB + are contained in a synergy of active ingredients which, working on different levels, allow to counteract diffuse fat and increase skin elasticity.

22 active ingredients -> 6 targeted actions

  • Reduction of body fat
  • More harmonious body lines
  • Increased energy metabolism
  • Loss of centimeters
  • Reduction of water retention, toxins and edematosity
  • Reduction of adipose cellulite
  • Increase of tissue tone


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